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Here you can access your council's membership list, minutes, and other materials published by your officers.

You can display important messages to your council members here!  On a live site, members must sign in before they can access this area.

Fraternal Activities Survey

Below you will find charts showing your the current fraternal activities survey totals submitted. They are grouped by your submissions and the total council submissions. Move your mouse over the bars to see more details.

Charter, Laws & By-Laws

Supreme Charter and Laws Council By-Laws

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Survey of Fraternal Activity Member Worksheet

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Step 2: For each section below, enter the number of times or hours you participated in that activity in the chosen year.

Note: You can submit this form multiple times throughout the year and your total will be tallied.

Important: The final council report must be submitted to the Supreme Council by the end of January. Please submit your survey as soon as possible in January to ensure it is included in the final submission.

Faith Activities

Family Activities

Community Activities

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Other Fraternal Commitments

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Officer Reports

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Reporting OfficerReport DateReport Title/NoteReport
Grand KnightJanuary 2021New ReportDownload
ChaplainAugust 2019Grand Knight's ReportDownload
Reporting OfficerReport DateReport Title/NoteReport

Membership List

Please remember to keep all member contact information confidential. Membership lists are to be used for official council use only.

Membership data on this site was last updated on 16-Nov-2019.